4NK Contracts: Optimized Advancements

Traceability: ESG Supplier Criteria

The 4NK solution emerges as an innovative response to the challenges encountered in managing ESG criteria for suppliers. Addressing the lack of cross-functionality, weak evidence from information system (IS) flows, and the need for scalability across the 200 criteria in the reference frameworks, 4NK offers a holistic and effective approach.

Anchoring of All Flows

The 4NK solution ensures secure and immutable anchoring of all IS flows, enhancing traceability and reliability. This feature provides a transparent and tamper-proof record of ESG-related data, ensuring integrity.

Reduction of Environmental Footprint

A key focus of the 4NK solution is minimizing the environmental footprint associated with ESG management. Through eco-friendly practices and technologies, it contributes to sustainable ESG processes.

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