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4NK - Community Edition

Perfect for those embarking on a journey to learn 4NK or working on smaller projects, our Community Edition offers an accessible entry point. Whether you're a developer exploring the world of graph databases or handling projects with modest requirements, this edition provides a feature-rich environment without the need for extensive availability, scaling, or professional services and support.

4NK - Enterprise Edition

For organizations seeking enterprise-grade solutions, 4NK's Enterprise Edition is tailored to meet the demands of robustness, scalability, and advanced security. Elevate your data infrastructure with high availability and fortified security features. The Enterprise Edition provides scale-up and scale-out options, empowering your business to thrive and grow seamlessly. Backed by professional services and support, you'll have the confidence to push the boundaries of what's possible with 4NK, ensuring a solid foundation for your data-intensive applications."

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Our solutions

Community Edition

Open source under GPLv3

Default Pages (create and publish your contract)

Relay instance

TimeStamping Node instance

Bitcoin Node instance

Your own mining

Business Edition

Includes all features from community edition

Dedicated Slack Channel

Custom contract roles

Custom side chains


Advanced payement features

Advanced deposit features

Advanced comitement features

Green Hosting Mining


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