4NK Contracts: Optimized Advancements

Electronic Signature

The 4NK solution provides an elevated level of security, integration, and sovereignty in a specific use case by breaking down contracts into multiple interpretable fields for both Information Systems (SI) and humans. The components of the solution include:


Clearly defined sections for presentation purposes, ensuring optimal readability and understanding.

Legal Text

A dedicated space for legal text, addressing formalities and essential requirements for legal compliance.


Objects with their respective attributes, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the contract's elements.


Explicit conditions involving signatures, such as quorums and mandatory requirements, alongside expected payments and proofs.


Definition of applicable contracts in the event of 'OK' or 'KO' values in the signatures, determined either through votes or calculations.

Role-Based Encryption

Implementation of role-based encryption, safeguarding specific parts of the contract according to designated roles

Validation Conditions

Inclusion of conditions for validating different versions of the contract, ensuring seamless transitions and updates.

Interconnection and Integration within IS

Seamless interconnection and integration of contracts within Information Systems, merging contract details with operational processes for enhanced efficiency.


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