4NK Contracts: Optimized Advancements

Decentralized Rights Management

The 4NK solution marks a significant advancement in the realm of decentralized rights management, presenting an innovative and comprehensive approach to address the complex needs of modern organizations. Crafted with a security-focused, scalable, independent, and simplified perspective, 4NK redefines traditional paradigms of rights management by providing a flexible and adaptive platform.

Decentralization of Rights

The 4NK solution adopts a decentralized approach, allowing services to create, validate, and evolve rights autonomously. This approach provides unprecedented flexibility and agility in permission management.

Enhanced Security

By breaking away from dependence on Microsoft's Active Directory, the 4NK solution significantly improves security. Critical elements of the infrastructure are distributed and verifiable, thereby reducing the risk of vulnerabilities and successful cyberattacks.

Scalability and Portability

4NK offers extensive portability, adapting to various environments such as IoT, Web, back-end and front-end systems, public and private clouds, while allowing simplified zone management and offline modes.

Independence and Sovereignty

The 4NK solution eliminates the constraints of often proprietary ecosystems, offering enhanced independence and sovereignty to organizations. The ability to orchestrate rights at the service level increases operational freedom.

Fine and Understandable Mapping

By leveraging the semantics of descriptive formats for processes and identities, 4NK provides a precise and easily understandable mapping of rights, facilitating comprehensive security management.


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